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Performing comedy for 5 years through out LA and Central Valley
Curt Seablom, originally from Massachusetts, is a self-proclaimed nerd daddy. He comes from a small family of a twin brother, and older brother and a single Mom. He has worked in IT for 20 years. A Linux system administrator, then risk management and now application support with a wide range of hobbies including calligraphy, rocketry, electronics, astronomy, microscoping. He received his B.A. in history from Bakersfield College. Listening to comedy was his lifelong hobby and escape. His favorites are Patton Oswalt and Norm MacDonald. Currently divorced, Curt is the proud father of 5 kids. Clearly, he is both the butt of, and fond of writing "Dad jokes". He always used comedy as a defense mechanism during a loveless marriage and began stand-up after his separation. His jokes are about divorce, spending his time with his kids and trying to date again as a middle-aged man
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2020 08 13


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