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It's hilarious.

Corey Finnegan is a very stable genius who's been performing stand-up comedy in totally hip obscurity for some 18 years, opening for headliners such as Tom Rhodes, Will Franken, Moshe Kasher, Ngaio Bealum, Sean Carlin and a host of other underappreciated comic savants. He's also a writer, actor, and the founder of the “Useful Idiots” sketch group. He's just returned to the Bay Area, the place where he began his comedy journey, where he patiently waits for the complacent masses to awaken from their torpor and discover his particular brand of hilarity. In the meantime, life has provided him all manner of unique experiences, from being hunted through the streets of Oakland by the Hell's Angels (real sweet guys!), to being caregiver for his paralyzed ex-wife (long story, totally hilarious).
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Corey Finnegan at the San Francisco Punch Line 7/10/22


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