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Often described as a force of nature, Colin is a performance comic who uses story telling to give the audience an insight into his ridiculous life as a 44 year old adoptee, parent and grandparent with ADHD, Dyspraxia and Autism.
His life is a constant source of material, talkingabout everything from leaving home at 14 and having to learn to be an adult without guidance or supervision, to religion, relationships, conspiracy theories, all through the fog of dyspraxia autism and ADHD including what apparently constitutes parenting my own children.
I have worked hard performing all over the country and The Netherlands and Luxemburg. I have broken into some paid work and looking to progress further
In 2021 I performed twenty minutes as part of a split bill for laughing Horse online fringe called Absolutely Themeless, Also in 2021 I performed thirty minutes as part of a split bill called 'Not Angry Just Disappointed' with Rachel Morton-Young a show about parenting at Nottingham Comedy Festival, I did several WIP'S around the UK before bringing it to Edinburgh for Laughing Horse for eight days last year.
I also have a show called Diverging on the Ridiculous a split bill about living with a multiple neuro developmental disorder with Poppy Collier in which I performed 30 minutes at Guilford Comedy Festival, we also took this show to Leicester Comedy Festival this year, and hope to take my first solo show Another Line? to Edinburgh via three dates in Brighton
'he was fucking awesome, my kind of comedian - Tony Law
“His routines move back and forth between cutting observations on topics such as religion, conspiracy theories and relationships to more personal confessions his neuro diversity, Colin is a deft touch, and the blokey manner in which he explores these topics is reassuringly conversational' - Ed Fringe Review
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