A Combat Class(y)Clown & A Rain (F* CKING)bow of sunshine.You're welcome.Christina Gulick 2019

I am a performer with 20+ years of experience based in London.
I am a combat class(y) clown, comedic anthropological storyteller, explorer, scientist and movement specialist. Inspired and intrigued by the way we communicate through movement, my work focuses on social and community engagement, at its core is Contagious Joy.

I continue enrichment studies in disciplines such as; Eastern/ Western Historical Martial Arts, Combat Flow, Physical Comedy, Circus, Clowning, SlapStick, Stand Up, the Fine Arts, Athletics, Bodywork, Movement, MoCap and other new technologies as they develop.

With future projects in the pipeline, my ongoing projects include:
CLAWGB Founder & Artistic Director
Compre Ciggie Stardust of LBK Peckham,
Voice Over work for Ubi Soft
GoodBlood/BadBlood (Writer & Performer)
Ive also been known to do a brilliant Birthday special occasion or function party or two...

Thanking you for your time, your consideration and your patronage!

And remember Dearly Delightful,
Carrots may be good for your eyes but good company, good food, good drink and good music quadruples your vision. Together we can do what we could never do alone.

Onwards & Upwards,
Sideways & Bendies,

~CC (to my friends)
The Combat Class(y)Clown
Christina Gulick 2019
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