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Cassidy Stains is a queer comedian, producer of Dapper Punk Comedy, and long-time San Diegan– originally from Wichita, KS. In January 2020 she made her first booked appearance in stand-up at The Comedy Palace in San Diego, CA. Cassidy began her career with her partner and fellow comic, Asher Mac, after completing a comedy course directed by Gordon Downs, Bijan Mostafavi and Jesse Egan.
Stains’ comedy will take you through the life and challenges of a young LGBTQIA+ woman discovering who she is while exploring current issues. Cassidy leans in on “gotcha” story-telling and bizarre topics. Due to continuous work through the pandemic, when comedy moved online and underground, Cassidy is uniquely experienced to thrive as well on a live stage as a virtual stage.

2nd place in National Virtual Comedy League Competition
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