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Hi there. I am a promising, up-and-coming comedian new to the scene here in London. Promotor and M/C Boyce Bailey, who I met at The Lion's Den, demands that you book me.

I'm from Louisiana and am quite new to the comedy game. I have a confident, cerebral demeanor and am extremely comfortable on stage. I have a solid 10 minutes which has been received extremely well at The Lion's Den and Jonny the Fox Comedy Club. I'm looking to expand my exposure here in London as recommended by every promotor I've worked with so far. I am currently working on a demo reel which I hope will be enticing but not too revealing. It should be finished soon. In the meantime, please book me, and be part of my forthcoming legacy which is sure to be stupendous.


ps: I'm not on Facebook and have no intention of joining. If that's your only platform for booking, then that's your loss because I'm going to make it anyway. ;)
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