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Hi, I am a character act, 'Bob Hecklestein'.

Bob 'The Heckler' Hecklestein is a self-hating comedian.

'If I wanted to perform in a room full of comics, I would have stayed at home in my mother's basement!' - Bob Hecklestein

Despite being born without a sense of humour, Bob became a professional comedian at the urging of his overbearing showbiz parents, working as a sidekick to his talentless professional comedian father until he eventually snapped, killing him and in the process making a solemn vow to bring down the corrupt comedy establishment by any means necessary.

Bob does not suffer fools gladly, and has no time for second rate comedy. Although he might seem like a supervillain, he's here to save us all - from bad comedy!
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Bob Hecklestein


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