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Some would say Bert Cornielius decided to explore his full potential later than most. At 32 years old Bert decided to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. This decision came after trying out for a sketch comedy show in his native home of South Florida. As fate would have it a comedian was unavailable, and Bert was asked to warm up the crowd for a major headliner. The result was the birth of a new adventure, career and love of the art of comedy from that point on. Bert’s wit, charm and his ability to connect with any crowd pairs nicely with his stories of love, marriage and his multicultural upbringing in South Florida.

He’s opened for major headliners and entertainers including Marvin Dixon, Freddie McGregor, Amara Lanegra, Will E, Pierre(How To Be a Player) Malik S(Black-ish), Razor, Light Skinned Keisha, Mark Viera, Chris Williams and Marvin Sapp.
Bert is best described as a multi-talented singer, actor, stand-up comedian, and host. Dubbed Mr. Show, Bert has been considered a multi-faceted powerhouse. Coming from a pioneering musical family (Cornelius Brothers& Sister Rose) who broke through the billboard charts during the highlights of their careers in the 60’s and 70s. Bert can currently be seen in the new movie Band Culture as Colin streaming and on most major platforms. Priding himself on the theory of laughter being universal, Bert is poised to grace more stages in the years to come. Continue to keep an eye on this upcoming comedian as he continues to develop his personal greatness.
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