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Who is Art Paul Schlosser:
Charles Hughes of The Badger Herald said:
Art Paul Schlosser is one of Madison?s most popular and recognizable cultural figures, musical or otherwise. From his regular public-access show to his consistent appearances as a State Street busker, Art Paul has made something of a reputation for himself as one of the city?s most original musical personalities.
The great LukeSki of said:
If you haven't heard of ART PAUL SCHLOSSER before,Dr Demento described his work as "outsider music" and other DJs have compared him to such established funny music artists like Wild Man Fischer,Wesley Willis,Jandek,and even the fictitious cartoon character "Brak".In 2001,ART PAUL made a splash on "the Dr Demento show" with his song "Have A Peanut Butter Sandwich".He certainly got a big reaction from funny music fans and DJs alike,many of them wondering one thing;"Is this guy for real ?" Well I can assure you he is,having run into him as he was performing his unique brand of music next to the capitol building in our mutual hometown of Madison,Wisconsin.His energetic and positive personality shines through in his infectious acoustic guitar & kazoo driven original songs.I picked up his 7 CDs,began corresponding with him about funny music,and even made an appearance on his weekly cable access TV show on WYOU.
Tom Laskin of the Isthmus Newspaper said:
One of Madison's most enduring characters, Art Paul Schlosser has made a name for himself around the country with a steady stream of idiosyncratic songs that mix surrealistic imagery and his Christian beliefs with banal descriptions of his day-to-day life.
Jim Anderson of said:
Sometimes I think Art Paul Schlosser is like my Honda Element. People either love it or hate it. There seems to be little in-between.. Some people may not understand Art Paul's style of music, but I see what many others find endearing and unique about it. It seems to come from his heart, from his inner being, from the core of his essence. Yeah, I know that's where all artist's music is supposed to come from, but Art Paul has a one-of-a-kind approach to it.
Jeffrey Halleran of the MATC Clarion said: Madison's Very Own Musical Visionary
Mike Huberty of Maximum Ink said: If you're from Madison, then you know who Art Paul Schlosser is. He's the legendary street musician with the guitar, kazoo, and (sometimes) keyboard that's haunted State Street and Library Mall for over a decade. It's outsider music on the level of Wesley Willis or Jandek, but there's a sincere comic bent delivered with a goofy deadpan that makes you feel less guilty for laughing. And with Art, it's okay to laugh.

Rick Tvedt from said:
Sometimes it takes a little different perspective to fully appreciate an artist?s genius. Schlosser, as many of you know, has been a fixture in Madison music for a long time now. He?s a constant presence as a street musician on State Street but also makes rare club appearances, especially for benefits and fundraisers. It wasn?t until I heard ?I?ll Meet You on Mars? with guitarist/harmonica player Robert W. Monthey joining Schlosser that I realized Schlosser is Madison?s own version of Syd Barrett; he writes songs that twist reality with clever wordplay and end up making a lot more sense than reality itself does.
The Onion in 2011 from:,255456/
In Art Paul Schlosser?s 25-year legacy as a busking songster, his guitar-and-kazoo-driven anthems on heavy-handed topics like pink pants and peanut butter sandwiches have earned him mention from The Dr. Demento Show and even The Colbert Report. While Schlosser may not be looking to hang up his perpetual childlike exuberance just yet, his latest album, If I Were Governor, finds the street musician taking a far more political turn in light of the protests aimed at Governor Scott Walker?s budget bill.

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