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Promoter of Anything Goes Glossop and The UK's Premier Rapper of First World Problems!

Something of a missionary for the mildly annoyed, Andy Quirk travels the country railing against the frustrations of modern living alongside his back-up dancer Anna J. Bad nights out, terrible shopping incidents and hipster excess all get a withering tongue lashing. A regular headliner, Andy and Anna have performed at a number of high profile festivals including Brighton Fringe, Guildford Fringe, Hastings Fringe, Eden Festival and three full runs in Edinburgh.

Claiming to perform with a crew straight out of Leyton, Andy's hype-men are suspiciously absent at every show (bar back-up dancer Anna J) and so it falls to the audience to take their place as backing singers, percussionists and whatever else is required. Active and raucous, it's a show you're unlikely to forget.

So if you've ever thought you might need some group therapy for the everyday frustrations of modern living be assured there's room in the crew for you!

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First World Problems


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