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What the HOWERSKA!
Amy Howerska is a Comedian, Actress and Writer. She is also a Polish Irish Catholic Jew, born and raised in Wales. A diversity box ticking wet dream (she is also heavily persecuted).When Amy was growing up she used to watch all those countdown list programmes on Channel 4 and 5, you know the ones, ?50 Greatest Celebrity Hand Jobs? and she?d think ?who are these dickheads??Now she is one of those dickheads. Her TV credits include ?The 50 Funniest Moments of 2013? (Channel 4), ?The Greatest Christmas Films 2014? (Channel 5) and ?The 40 Greatest Action Movies Of All Time? (Channel 5).
Cutting her teeth and losing cardigans on the comedy and festival circuit. Gigs of note include ?Spank? (as a host in 2014). End Of The Road Festival, Bestival, Latitude, Secret Garden Party, Mach Fest, Banana Cabaret, Bent Double at the Komedia Brighton, Glee Cardiff and many more that have merged into one large gig memory? She has also played many shitholes up and down the country. In one such gig two hundred squaddies chanted ?minge? at her. #Showbizz.
Well what?s all this writing malarky? As well as writing stand up for herself and (Shhhhhhh) other comics. Amy has written and appeared on BBC Radio Wales on numerous programmes. Before graduating to Radio 4 where she has been a commissioned writer for both Newsjack, The News Quiz and the Now Show. Amy also writes sketches for TV, both Amy and her longtime collaborator Carly Smallman were selected by the BAFTA Rocliffe awards to be filmed by Pistachio pictures. Howerska and Smallman also stared in the sketch. Amy is currently writing her first commissioned TV comedy Pilot in-house for the BBC. Amy has also lived and gigged in New York where she worked as a promo writer for USA Network. Shows she worked on included ?House?, ?Blue Collar? and ?Burn Notice?.
Origins Tale
Amy read English Language and literature at Jesus College Oxford. (I WENT TO A STATE SCHOOL SO SHUT IT) Where she started her comedy writing career as editor of the infamous college mag; ?The Sheep Shagger?, which has produced many a private eye journalist and now a Welsh Jewish Stand up. Get In.
She also worked at the British Film Institute for many years and as a result does a bit of the ole film Journalism. (Hello to Jason Isaacs).
Amy will be touring her third debut hour, 'Amy Howerska Is a Goddess, *Unless tired or Hungry. Previous hours have been made into radio 4 extras specials. She also toured Australia with her second hour SMASHCAT.

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