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Character comedy performer, from the north. Looking for scratch night to perform new show HYENAS! set on a hen do in Marbella

Copy for Hyenas
Get ready for a shit show! Were in Marbella for KIRSTYS HEN DO, It?s hot and drinking to excess is actively encouraged. We see the tourists ?Spain?; Crap Karaoke in Irish bars and your typical ?Brits abroad?. The brides ?friends? have showed up for the ?likes? on INSTAGRAM, but also just to get away from the crap that waits for them at home.
The Girls: dressed in their finest superficial faces, desperate to not let anyone see the cracks in their foundation or the imperfections in their souls. This feminist piece fouses on mental illness and what it feels like to be alone in a world where everything must be documented with distortion.
?HYENAS!? is produced by award winning theatre company ?SUGAR BUTTIES?. It's a laugh out loud funny, yet achingly touching piece of theatre. This dark comedy touches on themes of marriage and relationships, the pressures on women in society today, and the contrast of what we show to the world and what we keep under the surface.
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