Photo of Kevin Daniel

I started performing stand up comedy in June 2019 so I am still relatively new to the world of comedy with 60 odd gigs under my belt. Before the world fell apart I had started to pick up my first paid gigs. I am keen to improve both my material and stage craft by performing as often as I can. So I am always looking for open spots and new gigs I can get involved with.

Kevin Daniel

His comedy journey began in June 2019 after attending a workshop run by Jayson Neale. He is now gigging regularly on open and middle spots around the UK. Kevin's personal, warm and honest storytelling comedy takes his audience through the daily trials and tribulations of a man trying to survive life unscathed.

Testimonials from promoters Kevin has worked for:

“I’d heard great things about Kevin before I booked him and he didn’t disappoint. A hilarious new act with all the confidence and assurance of an act with years of experience. A great fit for any line up” Giggleshack Comedy – Colin Havey

“Kevin has cemented himself into being one of Scallywags Comedy’s go to middle acts, strong material, crafted lines and a charm that make him instantly likeable” Scallywags Comedy – Jon Wagstaffe

“Kevin is one of the strongest new acts to emerge in the Midlands in recent years and the strength of his set and performance belie the relatively small amount of gigs he has done so far” Ship Of Fools Comedy – Alan Seaman

“I can count on one hand, the number of new acts in whom I’ve had enough confidence to put in front of an audience of 200, as part of a pro-line-up. He is already extremely bookable and gets better every time I see him" Proper Funny Comedy – Jason Neale

Acts Kevin has worked with (who will vouch for him) include:

Tim Bradbury / Carl Jones / Jack Campbell / Jon Wagstaffe / Jon Pearson / Alex Hylton / Tom King / Jason Neale