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I'm an aspiring comedian who likes to tell jokes that people laugh at when they're feeling polite. I specialise in telling comical stories about myself, stories which often involve me suffering some degree of misfortune. In that regard, I have a lot of material to draw from.
I also write and perform parody songs about topics such as climate change and/or toilets. The topics I choose depends on the mood I'm in when I write it, and thus varies wildly.

Here's what some of my past audience members had to say about my comedy. They weren't bribed or held at gunpoint. Don't ask why I felt compelled to clarify that.

"Made me cry with laughter and left my belly tickling. Brilliant way to document real life events and even turn negative events into comedy."

"Jordi's show was absolutely hilarious. It was witty, silly but brilliant entertainment that makes you forget about your worries for a while."

"Jordi is a physically daring and charismatically comedic performer, who will enrapture audiences with his absurdist autobiographical stand-up, merging inconceivable personal anecdotes with parodical songs to reflect on the curious events in his life."
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