NB: ON HOLD - Neil Watson Aka Darkhorse

Photo of NB: ON HOLD - Neil Watson Aka Darkhorse
Photo of NB: ON HOLD - Neil Watson Aka Darkhorse

Small 'stable' of traditional and new characters, each with own costume and props. Looking for 10-spots and 15-spots for existing characters/material, five-spots for WiP/new


Long-awaited, perverse, surreal, character comedy-horror stand-up set from writer, TV contributor and festival MC Neil Watson, performing as Darkhrse.

In Neil's distant past, he wrote sketches and songs for Bill Bailey to perform at NewsRevue, the longest-running show on the Fringe. A week tomorrow, he invented the time machine.

He is currently looking to kidnap devout Christian comedy duo 'The Monks' and transport them back in time to a period when Romans, Christians and lions all got along just fine. This could be in Machiavelli's lifetime, perhaps, or in any time period before the invention of the restraining order.

Also an academic, he is writing a paper on the psycho-sexual properties of cheese.

He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife, his son, his son's cat, and one fewer goat than he had this time yesterday.

The following has all been said about Neil

"Good God, man - you're terrifying!" - Charlie 'Black Mirror' Brooker, Falcon Road, Battersea

"The lighter side of Satanism. Here he comes, from out of the void, with a message for the masses!" - Logan 'Ronnie Rigsby' Murray

"Hello, and what do you do?" - HM Queen

"The left testicle is unremarkable." - University College Hospital, London

"You idiot!" - millions of Crystal Maze viewers, 1995

"I've never gone from receiving a compliment to being scared that same person was outside my door so quickly." - Kevin Moore of double-act 'The Monks'

"Are you that bloke off the telly?" - actor and comedian Kathy Burke

Happy to brutally kill off popular character/s on-stage, if the price is right ...