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I'm a new one liner act looking for my first steps in the comedy industry. Looking for open mic night opportunities.

I'm Beeney and I am looking for experience in front of a live audience. I've been into comedy for as long as I can remember, as a child I was often playing tricks on people, being the class clown and focusing more on making people laugh than trying in my education.

I have a passion for one liners, this will be the main focus in my act however I'm not limited to just one liners. I'm easily carried away in the moment which I think will only enhance the performance.

I haven't yet had any experience live in front of an audience, however at school, college, work and at home (etc) I have been experimenting my act and well just being me really!

Comedy is probably my biggest passion, it's something that gets me through the day - not saying working in Morrisons is incredibly difficult - but it's the way I live.

I'd appreciate any opportunity out there. I'm not looking for my own show, I'd love just a few minutes performing my act and to gain my first ever experience! I'm not looking to be paid I just would like the chance to try out my material in front of a live audience.

If you want any drafts at all/a video of me delivering the potential jokes I'll be performing please get in contact.

Mobile - 07447994945
Gmail -
Social Media - None (Don't like social media)

Thank you for reading this! :)
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