Hidden gems at the Edinburgh Fringe

Hidden gems at the Edinburgh Fringe

The Black Blues Brothers

This is an astonishing acrobat show that thrills the world through breathtaking somersaults, human pyramids, fires, jumps, and much more. The Black Blues Brothers showcase the talents of popular African American performers. The show is a combination of music, comedy, and dance that is able to entertain audiences through musical skills as well hilarious antics.

360 Allstars

The 360 Allstars is a physical performance that showcases the spectacular fusion of street culture and contemporary dance. This high-energy show features top breakdancers, beatboxers, and acrobats from around the globe, as well as some of the world’s finest drummers.
The 360 Allstars is a must-see for anyone who loves street culture and contemporary dance. This unique performance is full of energy, athleticism, and talent, and it’s sure to leave you with a lasting impression.

Circus Abyssinia: Tulu

The Circus Abyssinia Tulu is a jaw-dropping display of superhuman strength, breathtaking contortion, and awe-inspiring acrobatics. The performers blend superhuman strength with breathtaking contortion and awe-inspiring acrobatics. They seem to defy gravity as they move effortlessly through the air. The combination of these different skills is what makes the Circus Abyssinia Tulu so unique and memorable. It’s no wonder that audiences are left with their mouths open in amazement.


This show is about believing in love at first sight. Will has fallen in love hopelessly with Candy – a seductive singer. The only problem with this is that they’re the very best buddies in drag. As a result, Will’s life crumbles as he struggles to choose how to handle his surprising feelings toward Candy. In the show, the main questions are; if he seizes life by his bollocks and addresses Candy how he truly feels, can he be with her? What does loving her actually mean? The drama is an epic journey of exploring love and identity.


This show depicts how modern lives were founded upon the backs (i.e., shoulders) of the oppressed and pops up the question of whether we would fear if they chose repayment. The Bogyman also shows a man being haunted by ghosts in his hometown. Basically, it is a ghost’s story that combines history, music, and movement to illustrate resistance against the oppressor. It also depicts rebellion, hope, and connection.

A little Night Music

A little Night Music is a perfect event for those who want to enjoy their favorite pop song classics and have a taste of jazz. There will be jokes and laughter, leaving the audience feeling better than they were before. This is a great opportunity to catch up with friends and make new ones in a night to remember.

Fantastically Great Women who changed the world

It is a brilliant and inspiring show that clearly illustrates how well-behaved women make history. The show features women like Emmeline Pankhurst, Rosa Parks, and Frida Kahlo, who broke boundaries and changed the course of history. It’s a great reminder that women have always been powerful and capable of achieving amazing things. It is an exceptional show to inspire young girls and help them understand their own potential.

Catherine Bohart: This Isn’t For You

Catherine Bohart is one of the most exciting comics on the circuit at the moment. She’s brimming with reluctant self-discovery, cheery nihilism, and horrendous life advice – all delivered with aplomb and a mischievous glint in her eye. Her solo stand-up show “This Isn’t For You” is one not to be missed. It is worth holding on to, touching, funny, and keeps the audience excited.

Aboriginal Comedy Allstars

The Aboriginal Comedy Allstars show is a truly funny indigenous comedy that gives huge belly laughs. The group comes together to share their fresh voices and new perspectives in a properly entertaining show. From light-hearted jokes about growing up on reserves to poking fun at the stereotypes they face, the Aboriginal Comedy Allstars has something for everyone. The show is a great way to learn more about Aboriginal cultures and traditions while enjoying a good laugh.

What Women Want!

This is a show about men understanding women. It poses the question, what if men really knew what makes women happy? Is it even possible to make them happy? Would men’s minds explode from recognizing the source of women’s happiness? In the show, audiences will join comics Kimberley Datnow and Peter Bazely as they probe, prod, examine, and tackle What Women Want. This comic performance will take audiences on a whirlwind tour through the female psyche from different vantage points, as seen from both sides of the gender barrier.

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