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A big fat gay comedian who's comedy stories are as big as he is

I'm a relative newcomer to stand up. A mid 30 year old working class Liverpool lad now living in Kent. My stand up revolves around stories from my life and work (i'm a nurse). its gross, oversharing and very much for adults. I have a tight 10 i'm very happy with and a slightly looser 30 i'm working to tighten up.

I'm also one half of sketch comedy duo Ribs and Dill (i'm Dill) who recently had our first hour long show at the faversham fringe. Rated 4.5 our of 5 stars by Creek radio we loved every second of our first hour long show and are looking for more places to show off our sketch's.

And finally i got into comedy by studying improv here in Folkestone at the improv gym. i really enjoy the spontaneity of it and would love to join an improv troupe and expand this aspect of my comedy.
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