Photo of Nathan Virica

"This guy! Strongly recommend - he blew the roof off my night! Get him booked." - Jord Lozman (Lairy Laughs Comedy)

"In one of my many sessions panning for gold, I found some. Nathan is a bit of a goldmine!" - Ben Chambers (SMR Radio)

"Comedy with a cutting political edge that hits its targets." - Simeon Word (Lancashire Post)

"Hilarious. A natural talent in high demand." - Kevin O'Brien (Gold at the Bijou Cinema)

"Darkly hilarious." - Blizzard Comedy

"This man, he is really good. Brilliant." - Chris Giles

2022 8 Mile Comedy Competition Runner-up.

Manchester-based. Probably the second most famous comedian from Harrogate behind Maisie Adam. Admittedly, I can't think of any others off the top of my head.

Formerly a musician of 15 years. Then I hit 30, realised I couldn't be arsed anymore & decided to do comedy instead.

The comedy equivalent of Elvis Presley's last bowel movement; morbid, horrible, difficult to sit through, darkly hilarious and performed by a great artist.