Photo of Mike Shea

Mike Shea is a stand-up comic, actor, host, and nerd from Dayton, OH.As a comic, he's been performing since he was 16 years old, playing talent shows and coffee shops all around Columbia, SC. He has hosted numerous podcasts, radio shows, and YouTube series. Mike also contributed as a film pundit for from 2011 thru 2016.Mike has acted in live theater productions and several short independent films over the years. His first film appearance was in a short called "Letters From Roy" that was written and directed by his brother, indie filmmaker Jason Shea.Mike started the comedy group "The Idiots of Comedy" in 2006 and led the group to numerous performances and appearances until the group disbanded in 2010. After a brief hiatus in 2011, Mike returned to the comedy scene in 2013, and in 2015 moved from Columbia, SC to Dayton, OH.Mike is still performing all over the Dayton area and is the host of a new podcast, "Mike Talks Funny", and is currently living in his parents' basement where he belongs. He is the owner of Eventide Entertainment and also an Associate Owner of Wiley's Comedy Joint.AWARDS:XLR Lander Radio "Best New Talent" 2011-2012Laugh Off 2011-2nd Place

Mike Shea Demo Reel