Françoise Froggette (Beth Mayoh)

Françoise Froggette  (Beth Mayoh)
Françoise Froggette  (Beth Mayoh)
Multi - Character -Hilarious, Baudy ......Hard hitting and ever so slightly controversial.
Not for the easily offended .....however I do have a clean version of my repertoire available...making my act both versatile and adaptable where appropriate.
As an experienced character actress I am now venturing into the world of stand up,
I have done a few open mic nights and am delighted to report that they have been incredibly well received. However....these nights were targeted toward the acoustic music audience and in order for me to hone and perfect my act...I need an audience that is primed and ready, strictly for comedy.
Im in the process of developing social media sites for Franoise Froggette....but in the mean time you can find all about me by searching Beth Mayoh
Im an exciting new comedienne (apparently) and am looking for as much help as is humanly possible to steer me in the right direction.
Once Im happy with my repertoire...I will be inviting comedy agents and the like to come and join my and be highly entertained...
Please do get in touch at your very earliest convenience so that we can start putting dates in diaries etc and moving this in the direction it needs to be headed .

With warmest regards and hilarious giggles

Beth Mayoh

Ps plz note all social media (as forementioned) will be along in due course ... watch this...........
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Beth Mayoh


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