Dylan Jones

Cardiff , United Kingdom
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones

A self-styled "Miserable Welsh Git", Dylan Jones has been described as

A playful, subversive comic writer who's assured delivery allows him to navigate the most treacherous topics. A strong, audience focused performer who's daring style ensures that no two live events are the same while making sure that all of them are memorable.

He has appeared on television as a stand up several times, and has been seen on the stages of The Comedy Store, The Glee Club, Just the Tonic and Jongleurs. More

Born dead, the brain damage from attempts to revive him left Dylan unsuited to a proper job. Jones hails from a loving, but highly religious family in South Wales, which claims a (cough) virgin birth amongst his ancestors.

A failed radio presenter, wedding DJ, musician, social worker and brush salesman, Jones took the plunge and became a failed stand up comedian in 1998. Eventually co founding the BendyClocks, so far the Worlds only stand up band.

Within a year he was invited to appear at the Edinburgh Festival, appearing on local telly,writing for local TV and Radio sketch shows, and MCing at his local theatre. He met his wife, Ruth, on the stand up circuit in 2000, and moved to that London. Here he wrote for The News Huddlines, and together with Ruth was commissioned to write Radio Four Comedy pilot, before disappearing to be in a rubbish soap opera on Sky Telly.

His career plumbed some interesting and occasionally lucrative depths: appearing naked on a BBC2 SitCom; appearing naked on a diabetes drug poster where his stomach was replaced by that of Black opera singer called Debra, on the grounds that it was not cheeky enough.

Jones returned to the stand up circuit in 2015, having quit acting due to deafness and to care for his wife Ruth, who had been diagnosed with MS some years before.

He now lives on the coast outside Cardiff, dividing his time between caring for Ruth, stand up and writing. Oh, and the dogs: Daisy, a three year old Golden Retriever, and Albert, a four year old Idiot.

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