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Bez is a bisexual Indian Irish gender anarchist who loves the Ha Ha Bonk Book. They love performing and watching stand up comedy, acting, singing, playing bad guitar and improv.

They hate inequality. Their favourite age was 15. Their karaoke song is Teenage Dirtbag. Obvs. They run the campaign for a London Rent Cap.

They also occasionally run gender anarchy music comedy improv karaoke dancing nights on Tamesis Dock,

BEZ really wants to be your friend so you can help them solve simple dilemmas like, is it true that if you eat snot 5 times a day, it will help you learn languages? Cos they?ve eaten a tonne of snot now and still think the Spanish word for Hello is Avada Kedavra.

I cant believe you still think your mum jokes are funny. Bez boss

Bez jokes are even better than our jokes in the Ha Ha Bonk Book. Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Bez is a bit like Brexit: confusing, infuriating and great at Scrabble. Theresa May
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