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Abby Laporte is Bay Area born and raised and advocates for people with bipolar disorder through her absurd, esoteric, and accidentally-clean comedy style. She is so positive, curvy, and weirdly cheerful that she has also occasionally enjoyed the opportunity to host. Abby has performed sets (ranging from 5 - 12 minutes) as far as San Jose, Turlock (CA,) Pacifica, and Stockton, as well as San Francisco venues including Cobb’s Comedy Club, Tiki Haven, Bar Fluxus, Atlas Cafe, Evolved SF, and more. Although she is still coming up and has plenty of more writing to do, Abby Laporte is focused on feeling grateful and adaptive throughout it all.

Tied for First Place
ALLJOKEOFF Battle of Wits Joking Game Show

Second (Wild Card) Round
Kenan Thompson Ultimate Comedy Experience

(Under a year into comedy! More on its way.)
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Pacifica Ladies' Night (3 minute excerpt from 12 minute set)

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