Online Teacher Comedy Zoom Night!

Teacher Comedy Zoom Night!

Sunday 31st of January 2021 03:00am Central Standard Time

We are back! The original Teacher Zoom Comedy Show is returning due to high-demand. We have an ALL-NEW talent line-up this time of, you guessed it, nationally touring Teacher Comedians!


Hank Denson has been touring the country for years with his #PayTeachersMoreMoney comedy show campaign. He has opened for Cedric the Entertainer, Amy Schumer, and Jamie Foxx.

Christ Preister is simply known as "The Teacher". He is an elementary teacher that touches on stories from his days in class, and has opened for Jess Hilarious, Marvin Dixon and Tiffany Haddish.

Charlotte Parkeris a Dallas-based stand up comedian and teaches theater. She was selected for the New York Underground Comedy Festival, Plano Virtual Comedy Festival and Boston Comedy Fest.

Bill Kilpatrick is a 21-year veteran of the classroom and currently opens in clubs throughout Florida. He teaches classes on oom, and the rest on speed.

As always, the show will be hosted by Devin Siebold from Bored Teachers and Laughs on Fox. A brief QnA will follow the show as well.

When you get your ticket you will see a stream link with the passcode embeded. If you have any issues, please DM Devin online and we will make sure you get in. No refunds for any technical issues on your end, but you will be allowed a ticket to a future show if your tech fails.

We do ask that some audience members have their mics and video on, but it is not required. It helps the comics get feedback for their jokes and makes it a better experience for everyone.

Please do not share the Zoom link with anyone else without purchasing an additional ticket. As many of you know, we are limited in our Zoom capacity and wouldn't want someone who has paid for a ticket to be left out.

Please be aware that some of the content of the show may be adult oriented. Sit back, have a drink, and laugh yourself into the New Year.

Teacher Comedy Zoom Night!

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