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Saturday 16th of January 2021, 19:00PM
Copper mug, 1320 Redwood Ave in Grants Pass , United States

A large line up of comedians at the Copper Mug in Grants Pass Oregon.

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    Just giving folks a chance to perform during a Covid crap fest!
  • Comedy Night

    Freeway Farrell has always been in the entertainment business. He began his career thirty-Five years ago in high school as a Disc Jockey at a roller rink. He then hosted his own weekend time slot as a DJ at a local radio station. This later led to traveling the country while working as an on-air personality for various radio stations, whilst he also maintained a regular spot in the local stand-up comedy scene. Over the years, Freeway has been both a frequently requested Emcee and a colorful character actor. These days he is an active stand-up comedian, comedy writer, emcee and producer.

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