Perform at Begonged

Saturday 17th of October 2020, 22:00PM
Goal Post in Cabot Arkansas , United States
Demetrius Torrence has 1 spots available.
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I'm looking for any and everybody who has any kind of talent to come out and see if they can beat the gong begong is a variety show which welcomes anytime that you have been singing dancing stand-up comedy magic or etc if you're in the Little Rock area and you would like to participate in the show please feel free to click the link thank you in advance I look forward to seeing your talent

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    3 mins 0USD 10PM Arrival 15 Available 0 Applications
    Begonged is a variety show where you can do stand-up comedy scene dance play music or etc it's a chance to grow your audience in an area where your talent is unknown please feel free to sign up and come out and see if you can beat the gong

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