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Perform at Full Frontal Comedy

Thursday 1st of July 2021, 20:00PM
The Winning Post in Whitton , United Kingdom

*This is not a Glorious! comeption

- new weekly show

- established acts looking to try some new material

- ticketed at £5 each to cover costs

  • Open

    10 mins 0GBP 7:30PM Arrival 5 Available 23 Applications
  • Open

    5 mins 0GBP 7:15PM Arrival 3 Available 31 Applications
    This is a competition. Every audience member will vote after the first half. The top three acts will get an additional 10 minute set in the second half. EVERY act who gets a vote will receive 50% of the ticket price. (Acts do not pay for a ticket and will be seated in a separate area) Order of acts will be decided on the night at 7:30pm at random. The venue is limited at a capacity of 30 (at time of posting) and ticketed at £5. You can apply as many times to perform, but acts will be limited to only 4 appearances every 12 months. NOTE: If you only have a 5 minute set, this may not be for you. If you havent already can you please fill in your details in so I have all the information I need for the marketing of the event. There has been some interest in having the gig streamed online, if you object to this please let me know Any questions, please ask as you apply.

Please or to apply for this gig.

Full Frontal Comedy

Simon Owen is one of the London Open Mics most talked about acts, and only about 73% of it are insults.His self deprecating humour and happy go lucky nature has led to reviews such as "quite amusing" and "not as bad as I thought he'd be".

Simon Owen has 18 spots available.
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