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Perform at Torbay Comedy Club

Friday 28th of October 2022, 20:00PM
St. John’s church hall, Cadwell lane in Torquay , United Kingdom

Torbay comedy club is back for its second show!

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  • Apply to Perform
    Opening Act7:40PM20 mins100 GBP1 Available11 Applications1 Booked
    Opener for Torbay comedy club
  • Apply to Perform
    Headliner7:40PM30 mins150 GBP1 Available10 Applications1 Booked
    Headline act
  • Apply to Perform
    Middle Act7:40PM15 mins50 GBP1 Available22 Applications1 Booked
    Middle 15 for £50
  • Open Spot7:40PM5 mins2 Available11 Applications1 Booked
    5 min spots for new material/ newer comics looking for some stage time.