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Perform at 'King Gong at The Comedy Store Manchester

Sunday 1st of November 2020, 19:30PM
The Comedy Store Manchester in Manchester , United Kingdom

The idea of the show is for you to have five minutes’ worth of comedy material and to see if you can last the full five minutes without being gonged off. Easy, Huh?! The compere hands out three red cards to three sections of the audience and when all the cards are held up you are gonged off. However, if you last the whole five minutes you are brought back on stage at the end of the show for a clap-o-meter style final. If there is no obvious winner the last two contestants will do a ‘gag-off’ and the audience decides THE winner. The winner, aside from taking the first footsteps to fame and fortune, receives £50, an open-spot at The Comedy Store and an elegant gold crown. For all shows, the venue opens at 6pm and the show starts at 7.30pm – but as a contestant, you would need to arrive no later than 7.00pm and check-in at the desk near the front door. Oh! You are also entitled to two complimentary guests to watch you perform. Follow all that?

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    5 mins 0GBP 7:30PM Arrival 7 Available 27 Applications

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'King Gong at The Comedy Store Manchester

Hi I am the general manager of The Comedy Store, Manchester. We have an open-mike night - the world famous 'King Gong show on the first Sunday of each month. £50 prize and an open spot for the winner!

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