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Perform at The Gag Factory

Wednesday 7th of December 2022, 20:00PM
Artista, Artista, 42 Waterloo Street in Brighton , United Kingdom

The Gag Factory


The leading stand up new material and open mic night on the South Coast run in an independent venue and attended by professional comedians.


Doors open 7pm and we start at 8pm and then run until around 10:30pm.

Every Wednesday come join us at the Secret Comedy Club with our comedian friends as they perfect their finely crafted material and try out some brand-new jokes for you! 6/10 acts with 2 breaks in between. The show runs for about 2 hours.

Be involved in the creative process of some of the top up-and-coming + established acts on the UK comedy circuit and watch them live or die.

Hilarious or painful but never mediocre!

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  • Apply to Perform
    Headliner 20 mins 50GBP 8PM Arrival 1 Available 15 Applications 0 Booked
    There is one spot available per show for a headliner. We will need to see a video of you before you are accepted or you will need to come to one of these as open10 min spot so we can see what you can do. Only pro acts can do new material on these nights. This means acts that get paid my major clubs for 20min spots.
  • Apply to Perform
    Open Spot 10 mins 8PM Arrival 6 Available 28 Applications 0 Booked
    These are unpaid spots to try out for our weekend events. We want to see your strongest 10 min set. If we do not know you we may require a video before you can perform or you can come to our open mic called See You Next Tuesday for us to get to know you with a 5 min spot.
  • The Gag Factory

    If you wish to work with us the trajectory is to apply to perform at our Tuesday open mic & new material night so we can get to know you doing a quick 5/10 min set, then if that goes well we consider you for our Friday shows where we will ask you to do 10min or 15 min. If this goes well consistently we will then consider you for our Saturday shows which are all 15 min , 20min and 30 min spots. Everyone who performs on our Saturday shows gets paid.

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